The creator of Nikeei Desserts from Switzerland.

Hi there! I am a pastry chef from Switzerland. Thank you for visiting my dessert blog!

I was always enchanted by beautiful dessert-creations. This lead me to create Nikeei’s Desserts, in which I share my original, fancy dessert recipes. You can try them out for yourself! Each and every one of my recipes can be read free-of-charge.

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Business inquiries: nikeei@gmx.ch

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Newest Recipes

  • Ruby Double Chocolate Dessert
    Ruby chocolate is more than two years old and there are still not enough recipes outthere. I want to change that!
  • Stracciatella Ice Cream Chocolate Chip Cookie Dessert
    Cookies and Ice cream, but in a fancy looking way? If you are searching for a cookie with crunch and cake texture and the perfect stracciatella ice cream you’re right here!
  • Stone Shaped Dessert
    This time I’m back with a stone shaped dessert. It’s filled with a coconut mousse and a ruby chocolate mousse