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Stone Shaped Dessert

This time I’m back with a stone shaped dessert. It’s filled with a coconut mousse and a ruby chocolate mousse

Italian meringue


30 g water
90 g sugar

60 g egg whites


Cook water and sugar to 118 degrees. Meanwhile beat egg whites until soft
Pour over the syrup slowly.
You can freeze the leftover for up to 1 month.

Ruby chocolate mousse


45 g raspberry puree
4 g lemon juice
11 g Ruby Chocolate
2 g gelatin
20 g Italian meringue
56 g heavy cream Preparation

Whip heavy cream to soft peaks (90%)
Warm raspberry puree and lemon juice to 40°C.
Add ruby chocolate and melt to 35°C.
Add gelatin and mix well.
Fold Italian meringue into puree-mixture.
Fold in whipped cream, fill up the small silicon ball mold and freeze for at least 4 hours.

Coconut mousse

140 g coconut pulp
6 g Malibu or Rum
4 g gelatin
125 g heavy cream
31 g Italian meringue
10 g coconut cubes, dried (optional)


Whip heavy cream to soft peaks.
Mix coconut pulp and rum together. Add melted gelatin. Fold in heavy cream, Italian meringue
and coconut cubes. Pour coconut mousse into a piping bag with a round tip and fill ¾ into the low poly silicon mold.
Unmold the small ruby chocolate mousse balls and press them inside the coconut mousse.
Freeze for at least four hours.


50 g flour
50 g ground coconut
50 g sugar
75 g cold butter, in small pieces


Knead all ingredients by hand until everything is just combined.
Put crumbles on a baking tray with baking paper.
Bake at 175°C for approx. 18 minutes.
Crush until you have nice crumbles.

Cocoa butter layer


130 g cocoa butter
130 g white couverture
x Silver food colouring


Melt both ingredients separately in microwave or over a bain-marie.
Mix everything together and make sure it’s 45 degrees.
Dip the frozen hemispheres into the cocoa butter.
Let it set (takes a few seconds) and place it on your plate.


I added some pineapple leaves to the stone, but you can also make them out of green colored chocolate. Add some ground coconut, crumbles, mango cubes and you’re done.

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