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Macarons – The Swiss Method

Who doesn’t love macarons? Usually dessert recipes for the swiss method macarons aren’t easy to come by. That’s why I wanted to share my own recipe with all of you!


  • 105g egg white

  • 110g sugar

  • a pinch of salt

  • 140g ground almonds

  • 90g icing sugar


  • Finely grind icing sugar and ground almonds in a food processor for approx. 15 seconds. Then pass through a sieve.
  • Dry the almond sugar mixture in the oven at 100 degrees for 30 minutes. (Macarons do not like moisture. You can do this one day before) Only use the almond sugar mixture after it has cooled down completely.Macarons Swiss Method Steps 1-2
  • Beat the egg white and sugar over a water bath until it reaches 45 degrees. Or until dissolves.
    Pour the mixture into the hand mixer, KitchenAid or whatever you have.  
  • Add salt and beat at the highest speed for 5-8 minutes. (Till stiff peaks form)
  • If you want the macarons to be colored, you can add food powder and stir in briefly. Liquid food coloring can change the consistency of the mixture.
  • Add the almond sugar mixture to the egg white-sugar mixture.
    Mix them together until they are combined.
  • Now fold the mixture about 30 times with a rubber scraper. (Right now, the mixture is airy and fluffy. Of course, inside is a lot of air. But we don’t want the air anymore. Try to get rid of the air.)

    This is called the macaronage. That means as much as: You fold the mixture until it has the perfect consistency. The perfect mixture should flow like a band from the rubber scraper and shine. It is difficult to get the perfect consist. But with practice I’m sure you’ll be able to success.
  • Use a piping bag with a round shaped tip (size 10) and pipe macarons onto baking paper. (Baking paper dries out the macaroon shells. With a silicone mat, the macaroon shells remain sticky.)
  • Leave to stand for 30-60 minutes. (The macarons form a skin, so they do not break while baking.)
  • Bake at 150°C for 12 minutes. Bake for a maximum of two minutes longer. The macaroon shells will not separate from the baking paper until they have cooled down.Macarons Swiss Method Steps 7-13


  • Chocolate macarons: add a little dark cocoa powder.
    Filling: 70g cream, 80g dark couverture, 50g milk chocolate.
    Raspberry macarons: add red food powder.
    Filling: 70g raspberries, 70g butter soft, 50g icing sugar.
    Be as creative as you like with Macarons!

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