Chocolate Truffles

These chocolate truffles will make anyone’s day. Find out how you can make extra fancy ones to suprise your guests and friends.


  • 197 g heavy cream, 35%

  • 20 g glucose syrup

  • 235 g dark couverture (1)

  • 37 g butter

  • 50 g Grand Manier

  • 60 g dark couverture chocolate shells

  • 200 g dark couverture (2)

  • 100 g dark couverture (3)


  • Heat up heavy cream and glucose syrup to 85 degrees.
  • Pour 1/3 over dark couverture (1) and mix well. Add the rest of the heavy cream and mix.
  • Then add softened butter and Grand Manier. Stir the mixture until smooth.
  • Cover with plastic foil so it doesn’t get a skin. Let it cool to 32-33 degrees.
  • Pour it into a piping bag and fill the dark chocolate shells up. Try not to overfill them. Give it a lot of taps and let it cool for 20 minutes in the fridge.
  • Melt dark couverture (2) to 45 degrees, add dark couverture (3) and mix well. (It should be around 28-29 degrees.) Reheat to 32-33 degrees and seal the filled chocolate truffes with tempered dark couverture.
  • Dip chocolate truffles in dark couverture (2) and roll over a grid.
    Let them set and you’re done!

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